• Bio Compostable Products from Green World Vietnam

    7/20/2020 11:59:36 PM

    Green World Vietnam was established with the expectation of changing the habit of using plastic products of people. By investing and researching hard, GW has been providing the market with a line of "fully biodegradable" products that are safe for health and contribute to environmental protection.

    Completely biodegradable products are made from biological materials mainly from crops such as maize, cassava, and sugarcane. These materials have the ability to completely decompose by microorganisms into water, CO2, organic humus without harming the natural environment.

    GW has invested, researched and successfully developed a fully biodegradable product line branded GW BIO COMPOSTABLE PRODUCT

    (100% Compostable - with BIO RATE to 100%). The main products include disposable bags, garbage bags, gloves, glasses, bowls; knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, tubes, trays, and food containers.

    Currently, GW products have gone through rigorous tests leading the world as TUV Austria and QUATEST standards for Vietnam's domestic market.

    From Vietnam, GW is an international market management company for ISO production facility ( include Plastic Molds Department) and professional business B O D of premium Bio Compostable Resin and Finished Product. GW offers tailored solutions for House holds & Industry Manufacturers (OEMs) to value customers globally.
    Green World provides a wide range of high quality elements you can build upon and customize to meet your specific needs. When partnering with GW, you can be sure you are incorporating the best into your machine, material and best corporation business attitude.

    For more infomartion, please visit GW website: https://green-world.vn/

    (Source: green-world.vn)

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